Introducing the phone you didn’t know you needed, until now.

Wendy's phone
Wendy's icon
Wendy's chatHey, Wendy! What’s the Weather?
Wendy's chat
Wendy's iconWhy don’t you find out on your way to Wendy’s?

A new kind of voice assistant

Just say “Hey, Wendy” and you can set an alarm, get directions, even ask Wendy to tell you a joke. And if she feels like it, she might even do it!
Wendy's background phone

Shot on Wendy’s phone

If you must take pictures of your food there’s no better way to do it than on the Wendy’s phone. Complete with front and rear facing cameras with more megapixels than the Baconator has bacon. (So, a lot)

It does what a phone does

The Wendy’s phone features an integrated GPS navigation system, to Wendy’s, as well as ample battery life to watch Wendy’s ads, order Wendy’s and watch videos while eating Wendy’s. No additional subscription required. Just add your sim card with your active wireless plan and you’re good.

Wendy's full background phone
Wendy's bif background phone

Here’s how to get one

Wendy's number

Simply login to the Wendy’s app on your current Non-Wendy’s phone then Wendy's heart your favourite Wendy’s order and take a screenshot.

Wendy's number

Post the screenshot to Twitter saying something like “Hey, Wendy give me a #Wendysphone” and add #Contest.

Wendy's number

That’s it. A winner will be selected every day. Follow Wendy’s Canada on Twitter for details.

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frequently asked questions

why did you make a phone?

We just felt like it.

Can it make calls?

Yeah it’s a phone.

what about texts?

It’s a phone.